Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has evolved to become a core practice. IAM is vital from a compliance and government perspective, but also is a baseline expectation for online users.

With changing consumer demands and business boundaries, corporate adherence to regulatory compliance and privacy laws is as important as the ability to adapt to an evolving business ecosystem.

We ensure your business maintains a competitive edge with our IAM expertise.

We service a broad range of sectors such as financial, healthcare, government, manufacturing, etc. Our team has led successful implementations of leading IAM solutions in the market place from players such as Sailpoint, Sun, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. By identifying unique settings in our client’s environment, we are able to customize and extend the out-of-the-box functionality provided by third party vendors.

We execute all phases of the identity management life cycle and build supporting tools to augment existing features to alleviate challenges for our clients.

Request Life Cycle

  • Enterprise Resources
  • Delegation & Proxy
  • SLA Assignment & Queue Management
  • Attribute Based Workflow & Notifications

Review Certification & Governance

  • Access Attestation
  • Enterprise Business Rules
  • Resource Owners
  • Asynchronous Aggregation Tasks

Enterprise Role Management

  • Role Definition & Assessment
  • Role Mining
  • Hierarchical Role Model
  • RBAC and ABAC

Provisioning Platform

  • Automated Provisioning & Recocation
  • Day 1 On-boarding & Off-boarding
  • Rules Based Provisioning Framework
  • Scalable Architecture

Reporting & Analytics

  • Access 360 View & Reconciliation
  • Operational & Business Intelligence
  • Dashboard & Heat Maps
  • Smart Search Framework

Policy Management

  • Interactive Workflow Orchestration
  • Dynamic Rule Plugin
  • Risk Based Policies
  • SOD / Toxic Combination

Threat Intelligence & Risk Monitoring

  • Continuous Event Monitoring
  • Risk Scores
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Real Time Contextual Insight

Resource Onboarding

  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Metadata Driven
  • Connector Catalog
  • Enterprise Services Engine