Content Management System

The best Contact Management Systems in the world also have some of the best in class add-on tools made by someone else that fit and work like a gem.


WordPress enjoys well over a 60 million user base world wide and is common name in the PHPbased CMS or just CMS in general. WordPress comes with a huge library of free plugins, over 30,000 of them in the directory, and there are also thousands of premium themes and plugins. WordPress also comes with SEO advantages along with additional ecommerce capabilities if you are looking at setting up an online store. It’s easy to use, even if you don’t have technical skills.

The next in line contender to WordPress is the Joomla framework. The framework is somewhat bulky, requiring more understanding than wordpress, but comes in with features that will make this joomla a world class product for managing enterprise class content management solution. Once again much like wordpress, the framework can be made in to any…

The third most popular CMS in the PHP framework space is Drupal. This is rather a odd framework compared to the first two, for one reason that it is something a advanced user will prefer to work and more meaningful, custom solutions that neither of the former will be able to do with as much…

PHP Frameworks

Entelli focuses on these three frameworks for some very good reasons. Here are some for each framework.

Code Obfuscation and encryption using PHP was unheard of until the Zend framework came along and made it possible for programmers worth their salt to develop strong products that can be shipped to customers on premise servers. This is one sweet framework to build raw, powerful product applications.

CakePHP is another rapid application development framework supporting build of applications using scaffolding techniques. The best part of CakePHP is the focus on security. CakePHP comes with built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention, helping you keep your application safe & secure.

Another of the rapid application development frameworks in the market today, the Code Igniter is one of the well known and respected frameworks. We have used the framework to build MVC driven products and solutions that cater to small businesses as well as very large businesses. Even middleware products could be developed using this framework.

Empowering Business through eCommerce

What works best is not the technology, but a combination of technology and right kind of solution.

Magento is the leading ecommerce open source software in the world today. The reason being the quality. Absolute quality and scalability that Magento offers. A true path breaker, moving miles away from the traditional alternatives such as zencart, magento is one of the few businesses which remains invested in the health of their customer and so do Entelli.

Open Cart
Open cart is a simple and quick solution to stand up and run ecommerce business. The theme designs, product setups and customization are fairly productive and fast compared to Magento or other such solutions. Open Cart is best solution if you are running more of local or limited area business.

OsCommerce is the originator of open source eCommerce technology available today. It constantly improving interfaces to align with modern commerce trends. What was considered as gone has come back with a serious show of capability to fulfil the much needed medium scale ecommerce software.

Looking for simple, hassle free solution with no technology investment, then select Shopify hosted ecommerce. Shopify is simple to use, requires no technology knowledge to setup and operate and offers subscription based pricing. Shopify gives you ability to customize your storefront and this is where we can help you.