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Next Generation is Here…

And you better learn and adapt fast, ride the wave when its incoming…. With Entelli, mobile is ready and available.


iOS changed everything and could potentially continue to change with more innovations along the way. But it is certainly the first place where anyone from a college kid to a business leader will go when it comes to their mobile phone. With over 44% of the US market share, this is one mobile platform you have to build your business app for and see business grow.


Android, the Google catch from Sun Microsystems before being acquired by Oracle, has become a household name since its launch. With an array of handheld device manufacturers adapting the Google Android as their main operating systems for smartphones. Android app is must have if you are thinking to reach broad range of customers.


Nokia is out, all hail the new king, Windows Microsoft based Nokia manufactured devices. This is fast becoming a desirable platform to have your phone running for one simple reason, the OS provides compatibility and minimizes technology management needs.